I am happy and proud to redirect you to my new home:  Come by, say hello, and change your feed readers and your bookmarks.  See you over there!


It being Monday, I could update you on my weekend, which featured:

  • a Friday night happy hour that somehow extended itself to 1am;
  • a great play at the Steppenwolf, where I spilled a glass of wine on myself at intermission and then promptly ran into my boss as I pawed at my chestal region trying to mop it up;
  • and a lazy Sunday made even lazier when I went out to the car to run errands and discovered the battery had died, so instead of going on errands I sat in my jammies in our apartment waiting for AAA to arrive.

But the weekend ended on a truly high note with the return of the Golden Globes. I have no shame. I love awards shows. I don’t love the SPEECHES, per se, but I love the fashions and the ridiculous red carpet specials and the delicious, ever-present possibility that someone famous will do something tremendously stupid/clumsy/awkward/totally inappropriate.

I also truly adore Go Fug Yourself, and was delighted to learn that the Fug girls would be liveblogging the Globes red carpet. So even though I had to do some work last night, it was made so much better by the fact that I could put the tv on in the background, crack a beer, and enjoyed comedy gold such as this, from the Fug girls talking about Kate Winslet and Leonardo DeCaprio’s interview with Ryan Seacrest:

It’s a big ol’ lovefest here. He adores her, she cherishes him, they both value working together, etc. Thank God they’re not actually dating, because what the hell could you call them? Kato? Lete? No. Doesn’t work.

And this gem:

It’s the Disney-friendly segment of the show: Ryan talks to the Jonas Brothers, and then gets the entire Cyrus family. Miley looks very cute and much more age-appropriate than she did at the Oscars, but then complains that she only got a HAND-ME-DOWN Porsche for her sixteenth birthday and we lose all feelings of goodwill for her. Stop complaining, you spoiled brat. Some people only get hand-me-down floor mats. America’s collective broke asses aren’t going to have much sympathy for your struggles with your mildly used luxury sports car.

In lieu of a clever transition, I’m going to completely jump topics now.    As you may have heard, today is Delurking Day!


Complete with vaguely creepy flasher-man logo! So hey, if you’re out there and reading and perhaps have not said hello before, do so today!

Maybe you could tell me your favorite Golden Globes outfit trainwreck (my nominee: a tie between Renee Zellweger’s mountain of crazy:

and Drew Barrymore’s insane hairdo):

Or tell me why I’m a big loser for watching the Golden Globes at all. Or just, you know, say hi.

…because I am a liar. I actually realized I didn’t want to quit blogging, I was just uninspired and feeling in the mood to do something dramatic at New Year’s. What I DID want to do, however, was leave Blogger, which has been driving me nuts ever since it sort-of-merged-without-much-explanation with Google. Ugh. Buggy and annoying. (For those of us who write with pseudonyms, but also have non-pseudonymous Google accounts, it would do this fun thing where every once in a while it would recognize “real” you as opposed to “blogger” you and then post your posts or comments under your real name instead of your blogger name which caused me great consternation. Not that I’m all that special and anonymous, but come ON.)

What really convinced me to come back, though, was this little tidbit from our plane flight home from L.A. on New Year’s Day: sitting in front of me was an unaccompanied minor, maybe 10 or 11 years old. As we are about to land, she wriggles around in her chair, then stretches and reaches her arm way up above her and flicks something behind her from off her fingernail. It lands in my lap. It is a BOOGER. She flicked a BOOGER onto me! I’m all for stealthy booger removal generally, and that whole stretch-yawn-flick move was pretty stealthy, but when you’re on a PLANE, and there is someone sitting BEHIND YOU, you DO NOT FLICK YOUR BOOGERS BACKWARDS ONTO THEIR LAPS, YOUNG LADY! And I realized that without a blog I would have no where to express my righteous indignation and my small rant on “kids today and how they have no manners.”

And so I joined wordpress. Archives might make their way over here at some point. Hope any old readers find their way over, and forgive me for being that worst of blogging cliches: she who tries to make a dramatic exit, and fails.

The end.