I spent this weekend in Denver, visiting my recently-relocated best friend Tribecca.  Visiting one’s best friend seems like an excellent reason to act like a crazy person and sleep too little, and I did my level best:


  • Get up at 5:30 am, go to work at 6:30 am, work all day, go straight to airport, fly to Denver.
  • Go straight from airport to an amazing concert.  Dance awkwardly, sing along, get second wind.
  • Feel like I’m going to pass out.  Realize I haven’t eaten since noon central time.  Use nifty Yelp iphone app to find a restaurant still serving food at midnight, eat nachos for dinner.  Follow up with several beers.
  • Go to bed at 2:30 a.m.


  • Wake up at 8am to get coffee and accompany Tribecca to work.  Fall in love with her workplace, start contemplating move to Denver.
  • Drive in stupidest rental car ever (note to Dollar: like hell that’s a compact!  I ordered a compact!) to have delicious brunch with the delightful Jess and Torsten.  Head back to their beautiful new house, where I try to count all the purple items.  Lose count at 34.
  • Return to Tribecca’s just in time for epic shopping trip to procure goods for dinner party.
  • Cook.
  • Eat dinner with very hodgepodge, yet completely entertaining, group of strangers.
  • Somehow get persuaded to go out to a bar.
  • Fall over dead when I realize that two of the people in our group just used FAKE IDs to get into the bar.  Contemplate how it is, exactly, that one week  away from my 30th birthday, I find myself at a bar with people who are not old enough to legally drink.
  • Conclude the only option at this point is to take shots of whiskey. Do so.
  • Fall into bed at 2am


  • Inexplicably wake up at 8:30 am.  Clean up dishes from party.
  • Gorge self at fancy brunch place.  Waiter asks if we’d like mimosas, and the very thought makes me want to hurl.
  • Drive to gorgeous park, take long leisurely walk in sparkling sunshine.  Make plans to play tennis.
  • Return to house to retrieve tennis rackets.  Notice it is starting to get cloudy.  Agree to rest on couch for a few minutes.  Notice that “The Notebook” is playing on tv.  Also notice that there is a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge, begging to be eaten.
  • Several hours later, notice that we have watched the whole movie, eaten half the roll of cookie dough, and it’s time for me to pack and head to the airport.

Call me crazy, but the lazy lame afternoon was probably my favorite part of the weekend.  I’m embracing my loserdom.


Sorry about the delay, but I didn’t forget:  the winner of the big Earth Day Giveaway is Commenter #3, Stephanie, of Completely Irrelevant.  Congratulations, Stephanie!  Hit me with your address and I’ll put the pretty treats in the mail!