Despite the fact that it had been raining for three straight days, John and I bundled up last night and made our way over to Wrigley to watch the Cubs.  Miraculously, the rain cleared up just as the game was starting, but the temperature at game time was still a toasty 39 degrees.  Note to Chicago: it’s been spring for a month now!  Temps in the 30s are annoying in April! Get on that, please!

So we sat in our excellent seats, trying not to shiver, watching cats wander across the field.  It was cold, but I’ve been way colder at football games- no big whoop.

Until  the end of the 8th inning, that is, when I realized I couldn’t feel the the index finger on my right hand.  Strange.  I pulled my hand out of my pocket, took off my glove, and was startled to see that from the tip to the second knuckle, my index finger was a creepy blueish-white color, and I couldn’t feel it at all.  It seems I had gotten a two inch-long patch of frostbite on my hand.

Since the Cubs had a healthy 5 run lead at that point, and since I’m going to need my index finger for some important projects today,  we decided to do the prudent thing and head home early.

Can anyone explain this?  I am totally mystified.