Flipping through channels last night, John landed on the Game Show Network (motto: “Home to many shows you remember from when you were a kid, now hosted by washed-up c-list actors, plus a lot of new, really really awful shows, also hosted by washed-up c-list actors”).

We flipped on in the middle of Family Feud just as the following question came up:

“Name a word that rhymes with ‘spanky'”

Family A’s representative buzzed in with “hankie!” which was, of course, the #1 answer, and her team decided to play (a wise move- passing on a question which is essentially a rhyming game is a sure way to lose your points.)

“Lanky!” said the next person from Family A.  Dingdingding!

“Yankee!” shouted the next girl.  Dingdingding!

Family A is on a roll!  Only one answer left on the board.

It goes to the next person.  She looks confident…….”Panky!”  she cries. BZZZZZ.

The next woman looks a little nervous.  “um….Janky!” she yells.  Two strikes.

It all comes down to this.  This round is for triple points.  Whoever gets these points goes on for a chance to win $20,000.  2 strikes, just one answer on the board.  Everyone looks to the next person from Family A….

She looks supremely confident, gleeful, even, as she says “I know it……STANKY!”


Oh the poor woman- the host was barely keeping it together, the audience was roaring, and John and I were in hysterics on the couch.

Family B, of course, went on to steal.  Any guess what the remaining answer was?