Though I’m not Catholic, or particularly observant of religion of any stripe, I still often give things up for Lent.  I like the idea of challenging yourself  to go without something that you normally enjoy, challenging yourself to be more mindful.  I usually give up either candy or soda, both things which I too often find myself mindlessly consuming.  Giving it up for 40 days is tough, and even though the reasons I do it aren’t particularly faith-based,  Lent forces my hand and keeps me from saying I’ll do it “later”  by providing a pre-determined length of time, start and end date, etc.

This year I gave up candy.  This nearly effing killed me on Saturday when we went to Bird and Bama’s house for their Easter party, featuring approximately 65 varieties of pastel Easter candies.  Bird kindly sent me home with a treat bag, and I’m not at all ashamed to say that I ate Easter Reese’s Pieces for breakfast yesterday.

I wish I could tell you that this act of going without candy for 40 days has broken me of the sweet tooth, and that I’m less likely to eat as much candy going forward.  If I’m totally honest, though, I’ve spent a fair amount of time this weekend thinking of the bag of leftover Valentine’s candy sitting in my desk drawer at work (oh delicious TenderHearts, how I regret forgetting to eat the last of you before Ash Wednesday!),  wondering if it would be gross for me to eat the rest of it, starting today.