So!  When UNC ran away with the game last night, it clinched my victory in all three NCAA pools I entered this year.  To the tune of more than $300.  (I see some new spring clothes in my future!)

I might note that, though I pay some attention to sports and particularly enjoy college basketball, I do not spend a lot of time researching my bracket.  In my office pool, where I had to actually explain what a bracket was and how to fill it out to more than half the participants, I can’t really claim that my victory was a result of anything more than the inexperience of my colleagues.

And yet, this is the second year in a row I have won John‘s office pool, which is populated by a bunch of sports fanatics.  He has already told me that I’m banned next year.  Something about an office “policy against sports dynasties”.

I never in a million years imagined that someone would say “sports dyanasty” and my name in the same sentence, even if it was in jest.  Aren’t college sports great?