John and I went to see “Advertureland” this weekend.  I spent much of the movie thinking to myself what a good little actor that Michael Cera is, until I got to the closing credits and was forced to confront the fact that the movie did not, in fact, star Michael Cera.  So then I spent some time later that afternoon musing about what a good little actor that Jesse Eisenberg is.

(Fun fact: Jesse Eisenberg is currently filming a movie called “Zombieland”.  If I was looking at scripts, searching for the perfect movie to serve as follow-up to my breakout hit called “Adventureland”, “Zombieland” seems like an excellent choice.)

I was also relieved to see Kristen Stewart sort of manage to create a character that wasn’t just “Bella Swan works at an amusement park.”

Anyway, “Adventureland”: excellent way to spend a weekend afternoon when it is effing SNOWING.  IN APRIL.  Get it together, Chicago.