We’re headed to California this weekend for a family gathering for my grandmother’s 90th birthday. Since I couldn’t quite decide how I feel about this trip, I have made a list of pros and cons:


  • 80 degrees
  • celebrating long healthy life of grandma
  • 80 degrees
  • get to hang out with sister, who I haven’t seen much recently
  • shorts and flip flops
  • 80 degrees
  • sunshine


  • There will probably be golfing. I hate golfing.
  • Grandma in her advanced age has gotten a little persnickety and often does not technically appear to enjoy the company of her family.
  • Drama ensues.
  • We’re going to have to miss most of the first round NCAA tournament games while we sit around the living room chatting.
  • We might run out of gin.


  • Did I mention 80 degrees and sunny?

On the whole, since it’s 27 degrees here right now, I think the pros have it. Off to pack spf 1 zillion and wait for the work day to pass so I can hop on a plane!