After a pleasantly busy start to the weekend, John and I had big plans for our lazy rainy Sunday.  These plans involved:

(a) Reading books;

(b) Watching a movie; and

(c) Beer in the afternoon.

(We dream big at Casa de Pseudostoops.)

After having achieved (a) and a healthy dose of (c), we sat down to watch our movie and…. became completely, totally, irreparably transfixed by an infomercial.  Behold:


These are BumpIts!  You put them in your hair, and then rearrange your hair around them, and, with careful application of terrifying amounts of hairspray, they allow you to achieve hairstyles like this:


And also this:


They come in many sizes, including a mini size for your bangs.  I know you low-volume, flat-banged girls out there are relieved that you can now achieve that huge bang volume you’ve been seeking.

It might have had something to do with the beers, but John and I found this infomercial impossibly hilarious, and before we knew it, we had fallen  deep down the BumpIt rabbit hole.  We rewound to catch our favorite parts (there’s one girl wearing what looks like a prom dress and a TRULY ALARMING Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle- seriously, I highly encourage you to check out the video on their website so you can see what I mean.)  We read testimonials (“As Mrs. Kentucky America, I take great pride in the way my hair is styled. Bumpits give my hair the natural lift it needs without having to use heavy creams or gels!”)  We dreamt up scenarios in which I might need BumpIts (community theater production of “Hairspray”; trying to smuggle drugs back into the country; going undercover as a high school cheerleader to write a shocking newspaper
exposé, etc.)

I am seriously considering ordering some.  The Halloween possibilities alone seem worth it, don’t you think?