2009 has been a big year so far for amigos de pseudostoops. I’d like to alert you to some major happenings from some of my friends- people I know well enough that we’ve been seriously drunk together on more than one occasion (Is that a weird measure of closeness? They’re all college friends, which may explain it.)

First, from my amazing friend Brian, with whom I’d fallen out of touch until we reconnected on Facebook this week, an honest to god BOOK with a publishers weekly review and everything HOLY SHIT I am proud of him:

Seriously, Brian is one of the most talented writers whose work I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. When he said he was going to be a writer, he said it with such simplicity and so little ego that it was impossible not to believe him. My copy of Match Day is in the mail.

Next up:  from the lovely Molly,  (a bona fide food blogging celebrity with whom I studied abroad in Paris), a new book that I was astonished to see to staring up at me from the pages of my People magazine, where it was was THE FEATURED BOOK this week (OH MY GOD that has to be good for sales!):

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

Molly and I once trekked together to a health foods store in a rather far-flung section of Paris on a mission to find organic vegetables. We also drank mojitos and talked about our shared affection for Camper shoes. It is quite possible she remembers none of these things, but I still like to say I knew her when.

Finally, a film offering from my hysterical friend Danny, who wrote this movie when we were still in college and has been working like hell to get it made ever since. It came out in theaters a few months ago, and was just released on dvd, and seriously you should put that shit in your Netflix queue.  (Or, better yet, buy a copy.  It’s really very good. Seriously, we went to see it in the theater and afterward, John was all “you know, I went because I knew your friend made it and it was important to you, but that was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.” Kristen agrees with me- check out #28)

Oh yeah, and John’s college roommate just got franchise tagged.

It’s kind of amazing to see those big dreams – the kind you talk about at 3 in the morning in the hallway of the dorm, clutching red cups of warm Natty Lite – come to fruition.  It’s enough to give one kind of a complex, actually, if one weren’t so pleased for the great success of great friends.   Hooray, amazing friends!