I’m in sort of a dark place here, team- things are not going Entirely Well, and it’s FREEZING in Chicago, and also I’m hungry.

But I thought it might bolster my mood a little to tell you a story about boogers. Say what you will about me being 12 years old, I have already cried twice today, and if telling a story about boogers will make me feel better SO BE IT.

I live only a few blocks from the gym, so I get to walk there instead of drive. This is generally great, as it means I don’t have to wrangle with parking, and also there are no excuses for me not to go. After spinning today (yes, I made myself go after skipping yesterday), I was walking home when very suddenly, there was a strange sensation in my nose. It was the sensation of having a GIANT booger, right at the nose opening. Seriously, it felt huge, and oddly…solid.

Of course, this happened just as I was walking past another person, and I ducked my head so he would be spared the sight of the huge nose booger of doom. I kept walking, not wanting to take of my glove to root around in my pocket for my emergency tissue (it’s negative three degrees out. You don’t take off your gloves unless you absolutely have to.)

Nose booger sensation continued. This might be the biggest booger ever.  I have no idea how this happened.

Finally, I could stand it no more. Booger wins. I took off my glove, found emergency tissue, wiped nose, and…. Ice crystals. Not booger, ICE. Apparently, my post-workout runny nose had FROZEN SOLID TO MY NOSE. Nose is FROZEN. Have developed NOSE ICICLE. (Nosesicle?) Invisible, thankfully, but definitely frozen. What a way to start the day!

So we can now add “nosesicles” to the official list of Things That Suck About This Weather.

Also, spinning instructor played this song this morning and now it’s in my head.

Please help me out by suggesting something else I might listen to so I’m not hearing a baritone mumble mmmmmmmmmmmm in my head all day.