Hello again! It’s day two of Pseudostoops’ quest to give money to charities based on the number of comments I receive! (I should perhaps figure out a catchier name.)

For a complete overview of what we’re doing here, check out yesterday’s post, but the gist is this: I guarantee each organization $25 plus 50 cents for every comment I receive on that post. So just by commenting, you’re increasing the donation to a deserving charity. I’m running the feature every day this week, and you can (and should!) comment every day!

Your comment can say something as simple as “keep it up!” or “here’s your comment” or “are you doing something different with your hair, because you’re looking awfully fetching these days.” But if you want to go one step further, remember, you can name one of your favorite charities to be entered for a chance to receive a final $50 donation on Friday.

Today’s totally awesome and deserving organization is The Women’s Treatment Center.

Located in Chicago, the Women’s Treatment Center is a residential drug treatment center for women that has childcare capacity, so they do not have to be separated from their children (who often have no other place to go) as they go through treatment. It’s one of the only drug treatment centers around that has a crisis nursery, which can provide round the clock infant care while a woman is in detox, so a woman does not have to make the impossible choice between entering rehab and making sure her infant is cared for. From their website:

Women with children often are denied residential drug abuse treatment services, because facilities lack childcare services. At TWTC, we provide mothers in treatment comprehensive, compassionate and high quality treatment services, as well as a safe environment in which to detox, without separating them from their children. Mothers at TWTC interact daily with their children, mending the bond broken by addiction. Pregnant women at TWTC have an opportunity to give birth to drug-free babies, providing these infants with a healthier start.

TWTC is an Illinois 501(c)(3) agency that serves all residents in the state. Most of our clients reside throughout the city of Chicago. We offer our services without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation or ability to pay. All of our programs and facilities are accessible to persons with physical disabilities.

The Women’s Treatment Center has been particularly hard hit by recent state budget cuts for substance abuse and mental health programs, and could really use some extra help this holiday season.

So! Yesterday we got 16 comments and thus raised an extra $8 for Beeline. That rocks! But I’m sure we can do even better. Tell your friends, post it on your blog, twitter it, whatever- the more people we can get involved, the more money will go to these great causes.

Thank you!