This year, I vowed to do a (mostly) handmade Christmas, to try to make gift giving a little more meaningful and to try to rein myself in on the Christmas spending.  I recently took up sewing, and I love to cook and bake, so there were lots of options for things to give, if only I was organized enough.

I’m feeling pretty good about it, actually, except OH MY GOD its December 11 WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?  I should put stuff in the mail to John’s family in California like YESTERDAY if I want it to get there by Christmas without exorbitant shipping fees.  Sigh.

So I’m a little behind.  But the lovely Nilsa invited me over last night for a serious night of sewing.  It was just what I needed, and I’m proud to say that I knocked out three projects on my list, including this:

It’s a little purse I made for my niece.

(Don’t worry, they won’t read this, so I’m not ruining the surprise)

(If they did happen to discover this she’d never be allowed to see me again ever, nevermind use a gift I gave her, because of all the cussing I do around here.  Shit.)

I think it came out rather well, don’t you?  Princess-y, in a way that will please a four-year-old girl, but without all the Disney branding?

So!  Now that that’s done, all that’s left to do is make a few more bags, a project for my mom, some cosmetics cases, an apron, bake several batches of cookies, make some caramels, make a huge batch of granola, bag everything up, ship it, and…eep.

Okay!  Not thinking about it!  Will all get done, tra la la la la la what’s that you say about impossible I CAN’T HEAR YOU.