An assortment of minor annoyances that accompany the onset of winter weather:

  • I perpetually forget to put my wedding rings back on after applying hand cream, which I have to do approximately one million times per day. Fortunately, I usually leave them sitting safely in my ring dish in our bathroom at home, but it still feels strange to have naked fingers.
  • One of the only places I’ve found to buy sort-of reasonably priced winter pants (you know, tweed, wool, that sort of thing) that are long enough for tall people is Benetton. Their pants? They are cute. They are also usually unlined. Commence all-day-long itchfest on legs. Bah.
  • The hair. It is fluffy. ALL THE GODDAMNED TIME.
  • John keeps getting nosebleeds and stealing all the Kleenex to fix them.
  • Face skin: flaky.
  • Commuting is a pain – you have to bundle up for the walk to the el, then either unbundle yourself on the train or swelter for the entire ride in, then bundle up again for the walk to the office. Plus you have to wear boots and schlep your work-appropriate shoes to the office. Irksome.

But, despite all these annoyances, there is one thing about winter weather that makes it totally worth it, and that thing is: layers. My friends, layers of clothing are a blessing. Layers allow one to eat (to take a totally hypothetical example) a truly embarrassing amount of cheese with bread and crackers and nuts and wine, call it dinner, and then follow it up with three large cookies. Several days in a row. In summer, one could not get away with this shit. But winter? With layers? You look like a puffy penguin in all those clothes anyway! Bring on the cookies!

Speaking of cookies…this year, as part of my effort to do a mostly handmade Christmas, I’m planning on assembling tins of cookies for neighbors, friends, etc. I am telling myself that they will love it, and will enjoy indulging knowing that the layers are there to protect them. I’m currently planning on including:

  • molasses spice cookies
  • lemon shortbread with lemon glaze
  • chocolate toffee walnut cookies
  • salted caramels (not technically cookies, but so good I’m willing to overlook that)

I feel like my assortment is missing something. Rolled sugar cookies with sprinkles would be an obvious choice, but I find rolling cookie dough to be a tremendous pain in the ass, and rarely worth it. Any suggestions for one or two more varieties I might include in my holiday cookie tins?