I am home sick today, lying on the coach and moaning about how uncomfortable and miserable I feel with my nasty headcold.  The only interruption to this all-day snooze-and-whinefest was a brief side trip this morning to the doctor.  I’ve been having unpleasant ear-jaw-side of face pain for some time, and finally decided that I should get that checked out, and my appointment just happened to coincide nicely with my cold.

Truth be told, I’d hoped it was an ear infection, because ear infections are bacterial and can be treated with antibiotics.

Sadly, no.  I have “eustacian tube disfunction” which is a fancy way of saying “lots of fluid built up behind the ears so take sudafed.”  I also got a referral to an ENT for the jaw pain.   “It’s good you came in,” she said, “but it looks like just a build up and you’ll be fine.  Tough it out.”

Well, FINE.

Then!  Then!  As I was leaving, she said “oh my gosh, that is a REALLY LARGE zit on your temple.  That’s probably contributing to your head pain.  I’d put a cold compress on that when you get home.”

And then I died.  Thank you, doctor, for kicking me while I am down and pointing out my newly acne-prone skin.  I’m going home to tough it out on the couch with bad movies and junk food now.