There is currently someone sleeping in every single room of my house, which is great for all of them except I have to go to this pesky thing called work, and each component of that process – ironing day’s blouse, eating bowl of cereal before departure, typing long-overdue post – involves stepping gingerly around/over a sleeping boy.

Yes, folks, it’s college reunion time again here at Casa de Pseudostoops.

John’s friends are lovely guys, and it’s great to have them visiting (though sad that the reason they chose this weekend in the first place, which was potential Cubs World Series Home Games, ended up not happening).  But when all of them are taking the day off work and spending it exploring the city and eating out for lunch and drinking in the mid afternoon, it makes me insane with jealousy.  When they are doing all those things AND they need the car to do them, thus requiring me to take a bus, a train, and a mile-long walk in the rain to get to my first meeting of the day, that jealousy veers dangerously towards grumpiness.

Fortunately, I have a strategy for days like this, and that strategy involves mochas.  Probably twice a week I go to this awesome coffee shop near my office and get a small drip coffee- no latte, no cappuccino, nothing too spendy.  But they have these punch cards, which they punch with any purchase (even a small drip coffee) and when you get ten punches, you get a free drink.  I’ve noticed that most patrons of this coffee shop seem to redeem the free drink card right away, using it to purchase “the usual.”  I, however, hoard these fully-punched cards like  a freak.  I save them up for days just like this, days when I need a little pick me up, days when going up to the counter and ordering a large dark chocolate mocha and watching the $5 price tag ring down to zero when I whip out my punch card gives me a little moment of much-needed joy.

I sometimes feel a little bad, using my punch cards on such a luxurious expensive drink when I earned it by buying the cheapest item on their menu.  But they don’t seem to mind, and I always stick a buck in the tip jar when I use one, and have you HAD a dark chocolate mocha?  Even if they did mind, even if they rolled their eyes dramatically at me for such clear abuse of the punch card program, it would be TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Am I the only one who does this?  When you have some benefit coming to you (a free coffee, a gift certificate, a Target gift card) do you use it right away on whatever mundane thing you happen to buy next, or do you save it up for a special occasion?