“Local Lawyer Forgets All Knowledge of Grammatical Conventions as She Scrambles to Get a Document Out the Door in Time to Leave Town to Beat Weekend Traffic”

“Former Vegetarian Tries First Burger; Regrets it Soon After”

“Investigation Reveals Farmers Conning City Folks Into Doing Their Work for Them. A NewsCenter 4 Exposé on Apple Picking”

“Cock to the Eye: a Cautionary Tale of the Dangers of Backyard Badminton”

“Dining & Style Section: How to Mix French, Spanish, Italian, and Argentinian Wines, Plus Gin.”  (Bonus Feature: Helpful Hangover Remedy!”)

“Local Couple Returns Home Exhausted, Takes Too-Long Nap,  Unable to Fall Asleep at Night as Result.(Subtitle: Monday Looks Grim, but, wife explains, “It was all worth it for a few days out of town.” )