People, the internet is amazing, for many well documented reasons, and I am grateful to Al Gore for inventing it.  One of the coolest things about my personal experiences with the internet has been how it has led me to some cool in-person friends who I would not otherwise have met.

One of these cool people is the lovely and amazing Jess, who as many of you know is getting married shortly.  I have actually met Jess and Torsten IN PERSON, and they are just as amazing as you would expect.  In fact, they are somewhat MORE cuddly and cute together in person than you might expect.  It would be nauseating if it weren’t so sincere.  In putting together this whole bloggy bridal shower with Alice and Swistle, I’ve been thinking about what kind of wedding words of wisdom I could give to these two crazy kids and I realized something:  they don’t need a platitude from me (never go to bed angry!  make sure to get a house with two sinks in the bathroom, hardy har har!)  They are excellent for each other, well suited in every way, and clearly in love and committed to each other.  They’re going to excel at marriage.  So instead of any advice, I just raise my imaginary internet glass to these two lovely people, and wish them a lifetime of laughter and happiness.  To Jess and Torsten!

p.s. And cooking!  I wish them a lifetime of cooking with recipes culled from people all over the world.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see here.