•    Being told by the crackly announcer voice lady that the el has ceased to function, and one must find an alternate way home.  (She apologizes for any inconvenience, but one doubts her sincerity.)
•    Realizing one’s wallet is completely empty of money, since one put all the money in the fancy dress purse one carried to a wedding in Michigan this weekend and forgot to transfer it back to everyday wallet.  (See also: driver’s license, ATM card.)
•    Tivo cuts off the last 5 minutes of Gossip Girl.
•    Neighbor’s dog pitches a fit at 3am, barking hysterically AT NOTHING.
•    Favorite workout DVD has developed a scratch and skips through a key part.
•    In the shower, reaching for the razor, one realizes one left said razor sitting on the ledge of the shower in the hotel in Michigan.  Now one has to entirely change intended outfit (goodbye kicky skirt suit, hello boring pant suit) and also buy a new razor.  (It had a new blade on it, too!  What a waste of $8 worth of shaving products!)
•    Someone drank the last of the milk one had clearly labeled with one’s name, forcing one to use powdered creamer, which one thinks we all can agree is a lousy substitute.

(So you can see why one would need a large, calorie-laden scone on a morning such as this, no?)