Everyone in my office is taking at least one week off in August.

Except me.

It’s turning me into a total grumplehead.

I know, I know, I got to go on a sweet vacation back in March.  And it was lovely.  But with only 10 vacation days for the year, I have to save up the rest of them for the Obligatory Family Christmas Trip to Los Angeles (also known as “the least Christmas-y place in the universe, where they are forced to put twinkle lights on PALM TREES”).  But March feels like a long time ago, and it sucks to hear your coworkers chat at lunch about finding a new bathing suit and really pushing to get their work done so they can bask on the beach for two weeks because I WANT TO BASK!  WHY DO I NOT GET TO BASK?


So as it happens, there will be a full week in August where the only people in the office are me and one other junior person, who is a good friend.  And of course I fully intend to be productive, to use the time wisely, to advance some long-term projects that usually get pushed to the back burner, etc etc.  But I don’t have to be ALL good, do I?  Which leads to my question:  what should we do to take advantage of the total lack of supervision in some relatively minor, but still fun, way?  Two-hour lunches featuring a glass of wine?  Official shifting of the office hours from 9-6 to more like 730-4, to allow us to take full advantage of the long summer nights?

Inspire me here, people.  If I don’t get to bask, at least I can engage in some low-grade rebellion.