In an effort to be more disciplined about working out, I’ve started doing most of my exercising in the morning, before I have a chance to get to tired, or distracted, or something comes up at work, or a friend calls and wants to go to happy hour, etc.  (Although that last one never happens.  What’s up with that, friends?  Why no happy hours?  Are you all off secretly drinking margaritas somewhere without me?  WHAT’S THE DEAL?)

So working out in the morning is not my most favoritest thing ever, but I don’t really mind it. I’m a morning person, I get my exercise out of the way first thing so I can feel smug and virtuous all day, and I have been much more consistent about it since I started this latest kick.

There’s only one problem:  I am not a delicate flower.  When I exercise, I don’t glow, I sweat.  Like, a lot.  I get all red faced and panty and it often takes my body several hours to fully calm back down to regular temperature.  This makes getting ready and looking presentable for work kind of a challenge.  Sure, I can take a cold shower, but the subsequent getting dressed and (god, I’m sweating even typing this) blow drying my hair (or at least the cowlick in front) causes me to become all, um, damp with sweat all over again.  The red-sweaty-damp face combo makes makeup impossible because it just melts and leaves me looking like the Sunday morning after an all night Saturday dance party.

So, do women who work out in the morning and manage to look perfectly polished and lovely at work just sweat less than I do?  Or is there some secret for calming my skin and internal body temperature the fuck down so I can get to work looking like a normal person instead of a victim of some horrible broken-air-conditioning-during-a-heatwave incident?