It is hard not to feel guilty when you have asked a wonderful, thoughtful group of people to trust you, to follow your advice, because you think they can actually win this thing, and then to lose, spectacularly.  It is rough to have to tell them that it is over, rough to apologize to them for having asked them to hang in through seven months of negotiations and insults and drama and sleepless nights all to end up right back where they started, which is jobless and panicky.

It is cold comfort to finally get to tell the wrongdoers to shove it.  There is no joy in being proved right about just how disinterested in the well being of children these folks are.  It gives you no pleasure to hear the other side’s Smuggy McSmuggpants lawyer say “you did better than I expected for such a young lawyer.”

But I suspect, despite all of this, that it would have felt worse to just roll over and not fight at all.