Is there some karmic boss in the sky who is closely monitoring your level of misery at work and then, just as you’re tearily declaring to your husband that Enough Is Enough, decides to sprinkle some kindly office juju on you in the form of not one but two of your superiors telling you, unsolicited, that you did a nice job yesterday?  I think there is.

But all is not sunshine and roses. A mere four hours later, that same karmic boss in the sky, having sprinkled you with this kindly juju, will determine that you have been Bolstered Enough, and will call you at home at 8pm on the first evening of a long weekend to deliver the news that that project? The one you have been working on non-stop, so dilligently, the one that matters and has major social justice implications?  It is dead.  The diabolical people- the ones who don’t care a whit about schools, only the money they can make from them- they killed it.  They had been given a deadline, and they called the bluff.  And now good teachers are out of a job, and good families have to find a new school.

I say suck it, karmic boss.  I’ve had enough.  I’m taking three days to eat watermelon and drink beer on the porch.

[This post is for Green, who has to work tomorrow, and requested new reading material.  Hi Green!]