Nevermind the ludicrously stupid “loom of fate,” and why anyone thought THAT was a good plot device for a movie.

Nevermind the fact that it is really hard to enjoy yourself and be entertained by an R rated movie that features graphic sex in the first minute and more bloody mangled fighting than I’ve seen in a long time when you are sitting in a crowded movie theater next to a 6 year old.  (SERIOUSLY, 6-year-old’s dad, what the fuck is wrong with you?)

Nevermind physics, and the blatant defiance thereof, and why filmmakers think we are so stupid that we will really believe that just by wrenching your arm in a certain way as you pull the trigger you can actually bend the trajectory of a bullet.

No, what I really want to know about Wanted is this:
How is it possible that the totally luscious James McAvoy shot a movie THREE BLOCKS FROM MY HOUSE and I never knew about it?   (Literally! Three measly blocks! And other scenes on the very block where I work!) I can’t believe that I may have missed my one and only chance to skulk around a movie set hoping to catch a glimpse of my current absolute most favoritest actor with a hot Scottish accent.