I have worked at my current job for 9 months and YESTERDAY, (9 months after I started! 270 days!) one of my bosses said “so if you can just print your reports out from trackit for us to add to our time records…” and the world started getting fuzzy and I weakly said “um, trackit? what is trackit?” And she said “it’s the computer program where we record our work time,” and I said “eep” and then I died.

See, we rarely get fees for the work that we do at my job, and as a result we do not bill in the same way lawyers at law firms bill their hours- we don’t send out monthly invoices, or participate in little competitions between ourselves to see who can bill the most hours in a month.  We just work.  When I started, I asked one of my coworkers about keeping time, and she said “we don’t, really- I mean, keep maybe an informal record of the meetings you go to that would be compensable if we ever got fees, but otherwise don’t worry about it.”

Turns out she’s in the group whose time is NEVER compensable, so they don’t keep time at all.  I am not in that group.  Apparently, I was supposed to be logging my time in a computer program that I did not know existed, (including non-compensable time!  just for fun!) to “provide a record” of what I’ve been doing.  I’m supposed to do it in 6 minute intervals.  It’s supposed to be classified into different categories of work.  I now have to go back and try to recreate, in 6-minute blocks and 10 different categories, what I have been doing for the last 9 months.  Hold me.

No one in the office has ever mentioned trackit, or told me how I was expected to track my time, or, you know, gave me a login and password for the program or anything and I KNOW, I should take responsibility  and keeping time is part of being a lawyer and I should have inquired further and should have been keeping better track of my time anyway for my own purposes and yadda yadda.  But come ON.  Shouldn’t this have been in the employee handbook somewhere? Shouldn’t I have learned about this sometime before now?

More importantly: how the hell am I supposed to go about reconstructing the roughly 100,800 minutes I have worked at this job into nicely categorized 6-minute chunks?