I have eaten at least one donut every day for the past 4 days.  This is not normal.  The first day of Donut Extravaganza 2008 started with the Daily Dozen at Pike’s Place market in Seattle, which are pretty much the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten, followed by Day 2’s fresh raspberry glazed perfection at Top Pot, also in Seattle, and it’s been dramatically downhill from there.  Today’s three stale donut holes from the box of Munchkins from yesterday’s meeting- not delicious.  Note to self: donuts are only really worth it when they are still warm. (Also: why is spell check so opposed to doughnuts?  Why is donut considered the one true spelling?)

Other scenes from a lovely Seattle weekend:

-Sunburn on my neck from spending the afternoon at a cheese festival in 85 degree weather.  (Dear Chicago: it’s even 85 degrees and sunny in freaking SEATTLE.  Get with the program.  Enough with the 50 degree rain.  Sincerely, me.)
– Drinking four (four!) kinds of homemade beer made by Bird’s friend who I’ll call Hoppy.
– A delightful dinner at an organic restaurant in an old converted house, which was homey and comforting and largely delicious, except for the salad, which was so salty it tasted like it had been brined.
– Wandering around the farmers market, admiring the lettuces and rhubarb and pencil-thin asparagus and wondering if the TSA would stop me from bringing porcini mushrooms home on the plane.
– Driving down the highway to the airport, watching a Winnebago lose the cap to its sewer tank and spew what had to be at least a week’s worth of sludge behind it on the highway for miles and miles.  (Smelly and not awesome.  But kind of hilarious.  When we drove by, the driver had this look of panic on his face, and Bird said: “he’s imagining how he’s going to get that cap back on.”  Can you IMAGINE trying to shove a cap back onto an actively-leaking waste pipe?  It is too gross to contemplate.)

And now I’m back in Chicago, spending the week in a high school, watching it rain outside for what seems like the millionth time this week, eating stale donuts.  I want the weekend back.