Today is my birthday.  Remember how in elementary school on your birthday you brought in cupcakes for your whole class?  In that same spirit of giving to others on one’s birthday, I have something for you.  Some people have asked to actually *see* the yucky new haircut.  Fine. Here is a picture of the best-case version of this haircut, which requires TWO different hair products PLUS a flat iron.

This photo also gives me the chance to show off my birthday gift from John: a Wii MarioKart remote.  I was a huge fan of original MarioKart and I have to say, playing on the Wii is pretty great.  Especially because it gave me the chance to use the damn Wii again after John totally hijacked it for like 2 months with Tiger Woods 08, a game in which I have zero interest.  Now if I could only figure out what this whole “drifting” thing is all about….Maybe I should rent this?

I plan to spend the next two days eating way too much, drinking way too much, and sleeping way too little.  (Apparently my perfect birthday celebration at 29 looks much the same as it did at 19.)  Have a good weekend everyone!