Recently, I have been going to a lot of meetings that occur in office buildings other than my own. Several of these buildings are very tall, (as is true of so many buildings in Chicago) and many of them have little tvs in the elevators, to entertain you as they whoosh you up from the 1st to the 66th floor in 25 seconds.

I know! TV in an elevator! Ridiculous, right? Because that 30 seconds of un-media-saturated time was just making us feel so out of touch, you know?

Anyway, the C aptivate tv network, which does all of this elevator tv programming, conducts surveys about random topics and publishes the results on the little elevator tvs. (Imagine explaining THAT to people at a cocktail party: “what do you do?” “oh, I write surveys for the elevator tv network.” “um……wow. That’s…, great?”)

Today’s survey: “What new service should airlines offer passangers?”

The winner, with more votes than “free wifi” and “modified seatback reclining policies”:

Child-free flights.

SERIOUSLY? This is the worst thing about flying, the fact that there might be a child sharing the stale plane air with you? I mean, we’ve all had the crying baby sitting near us on a flight, and it’s not awesome, I’ll admit, but saying child-free flights would be BETTER THAN FREE WI FI? Who ARE these voters? It’s almost enough to make me want to log on to the C aptivate network’s website. Almost.