Last week:

This week:

In other words: I had a vacation? Wha? I hardly remember.

Oh, wait, yes I do! There were volcanoes involved!

We hiked to the rim of the volcano crater and saw this cool lake…except it wasn’t a water lake, it was a LAVA lake. Awesome. And then we hiked down from the rim into the crater and across the lake. Double Awesome.

It was crazy to hike across a frozen lava lake, knowing it was bubbling boiling lava only 50 years ago. See? (same volcano, swear to god:)

Also, we hiked to a pretty waterfall:

I wanted to jump in, but John wouldn’t let me. Jerk.

We also spent time at the beach, dressed mostly in long sleeves and floppy hats under umbrellas wearing SPF eleventy thousand. Still, I managed to get this:

That would be my upper arm, with a quarter-sized patch of sunburn on it. It is totally unclear to me how this happened. I’m just grateful that was the worst of my sun problems.

So now I’m back, pale as ever but marginally more relaxed, reflecting fondly on mai tais and volcanoes and wondering how it is, exactly, that I ended up back in a place where the weather on March 21 looks like this:

How was your week?