No coherent narrative here, folks, just bullet points:

         Thanks for all the nice comments about Sister.  She left Mayo with some new medicine and (more importantly for someone who has been as sick as she has for as long as she has) a sense of guarded optimism about her potential to feel better.  It was good that we went. 

         I would like to officially register my displeasure with the commentator on CNN who said on Tuesday night that the real x factor in the Ohio and Texas primaries was going to be the white men.  Why?  Because “their” candidate John Edwards dropped out, they now had to decide who to throw their support behind.  Ah yes, because all women vote for the woman, all people of color vote for the person of color, and all white men would have wanted the white man and are now forced to choose a second-best option.  Please take your totally nonsensical offensive crap elsewhere, we are all full up over here.

         I have become an impatient and angry public transit commuter, the kind who rolls her eyes and sighs deeply when confronted with the incompetence of others.  Yesterday, on an incredibly crowded el train, the man standing next to me spent the entire ride swiveling back and forth, knocking his huge backpack into people on all sides as he did.  I dug my elbow into his arm to retaliate.  Listen: rush hour = take off your backpack and put it on the floor so you don’t whack the people around you.  And while I’m at it: going up the escalators to get out of the subway during rush hour, there are rules, people.  Walk on the left, stand on the right.  This is not hard.  If you are new to public transit and do not know these rules, perhaps 8:30 am on a weekday morning is not the time to start your own personal adventure on the CTA.  You will only piss people off.

         Work is threatening to kill me slowly with its recent spate of projects with ill-defined expectations and sighs of displeasure at my performance. 

Really, all of this grousing should tell you that I am sort of needing a vacation.  Fortunately, I have a vacation scheduled, starting as soon as tomorrow!  See you in a week!