Yesterday was the 8th (eep- that is a lot) Valentines Day that John and I have had together.  We’re not really big on Valentines Day, but we do have a sort-of imagined relationship anniversary on February 18, so for Valentines Day/Sort-of Imagined Anniversary day, we bought ourselves something totally romantic, like a video game system.

I generally can’t tolerate video games, but I have to say: this wii thing totally rules, and not just because I beat John at tennis the very first time I ever played.  Well, actually, mostly because of that.  I hate how all the other video game systems are so complicated and get so smug about their fancy graphics and their complex series of buttons and their horrible annoying tendency to be totally impossible to figure out until you’ve read 47 pages of instruction manual.  The wii, by contrast, is intuitive and easy, and I handily beat John at tennis without reading a single instruction, even though I have not played any video game since I was dorm champion of the Dr.Mario tournament (original version for 8 bit Nintendo) in 1997.    

The irony (of course there is irony!  In the Alanis Morisette sense, I mean) is that I have been having this ridiculous problem with my neck.  It hurts, a lot, like, all the time.  There have been x-rays, a trip to the doctor, and now twice-weekly physical therapy appointments, wherein my incredibly nice physical therapist bends the shit out of my neck and I try not to whimper. (“Hi, I’m pseudo, and I’ve apparently turned into a 75 year old here to bore you with tales about my neck pain! Remind me to tell you about my bunions later!”)  Because of The Neck, I was unable to really show John what I’ve got, wii tennis-wise.  I like to think that I am lulling him into a false sense of security and when I’m back in full fighting shape he’ll be sorry he ever suggested we get the wii. 

The other problem with The Neck is that we are getting on a plane in like 2 hours to go on a Valentines Day/Sort-of Imagined Anniversary day trip to Oregon, thanks to two free tickets on Southwest we got for being frequent fliers.  I love weekend trips, but the thought of spending 4.5 hours on a plane seat with The Neck is making me feel a little queasy.  I am really regretting my answer to the doctor when she asked if I would like a prescription for Really Good Drugs to help The Neck.  I said “no, I think I’ll stick with physical therapy and maybe yoga.”  I should have said “yespleaseiwantmanymanypills.”  When someone offers you the Really Good Drugs, you should always say yes.  You don’t have to USE them, but it’s nice to know they’re there in case things get worse. 

IN SHORT:  what is the best strategy for managing The Neck on impending long flight: several advil, or reckless abuse of Southwest drink coupons?