I will spare you a long, drawn-out, American Idol style results show featuring musical guests and false suspense, and will cut to the chase- the promised photos from the great outfit vote of aught-eight:

I read all of your comments and tabulated votes. (I disqualified Donna after clicking through to her website from her comment and discovering she is clearly partisan- though I would encourage all of you to check it out because really?  Such websites exist?  Who knew?)  A slim majority of you encouraged me to get new shoes (which, let’s face it, I kind of wanted to do anyway,) and I found a really great pair of shoes that I was happy to buy, and so I went with Mango’s dark tights suggestion.  I had seen it in magazines too on the Hollywood starlets, and suspected I (not being a Hollywood starlet by any stretch) could not pull it off.  But then I tried on my dress again and saw how short it was in real life and was glad for the extra coverage black tights provided, so I went with it.  Turns out it was a wise choice- it was cold, so I was warmer, plus the average age at this party turned out to be about 20 years old, so dressing young and hip made me feel a little less awkward about being a decade older than everyone else at the party.

Well, that and gin.  Gin makes everything better.