We had a lovely trip to California that involved several family gatherings, an obscene amount of sweets, and only one minor breakdown in tears. This is good.  I ended up caving and making another batch of the caramels, which came out perfectly, and were much appreciated. I may or may not have eaten about half of the batch when I was making them. (What? December is for gorging, January is for the soup diet. Duh.)

Now we are back. In addition to several lovely gifts, I brought home an unpleasantly persistent headcold, a nasty ingrown toenail infection (too much information?) and a new appreciation for our own apartment, where it is just the two of us. Our apartment is still trying to warm up again after being kept at a frugal 48 degrees for the duration of our absence. I plan to roast potatoes tonight.  (Go, stream of consciousness writing, go!)

As if this post was not random enough already, I am offering a contest for your amusement. If you are a gmail user, you will know about the “sponsored links” that appear in a column to the right of your emails when you open a message. As best I can tell, a google algorithm scans the email and generates a list of links that it thinks might be interesting to you based on the keywords in the message. Pasted below is a 100% accurate copy of the sponsored links that showed up next to an email I just read. (I especially like the Greek Clothing Sale- I don’t know what makes clothing Greek, particularly, but I can only hope it involves feta.)

The contest: Guess in the comments what the actual email was about that generated such a random list of links. Closest guess wins a batch of the now-infamous salted caramels (cooked to the correct temperature, so as not to destroy your dental work) mailed direct to their door. If the winner does not like candy, I will seriously question their judgment but will send an alternative (non-sugared) gift. Whee!

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