It’s been kind of a hectic time around here.  I can’t blog from work, and I’ve been working rather hard lately and have been disinterested in spending more time on the computer when I get home at night.  But remind me to tell you sometime about how I got to use my newly-minted lawyer skills to help some parents try to save a charter school.  It was totally my own personal heart-swelling movie, “now I feel like I did actually accomplish something by going to law school” moment.

Also, I thought you might be interested in knowing that I am quite the hot commodity on flickr these days.  In the past week, 3 different men with foot fetishes have tried to become friends with me on flickr. For a while, I was participating in a flickr photo pool where people posted pictures of what shoes they wore to the office (this was back when I had very little work to do and was trying to kill time), and I posted some pictures of my favorite office heels and apparently that is just too hot for the internet because now random men from Austria and Indonesia keep wanting to be my friend so they can ogle my pretty feet.  Back off, dudes.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to the fabulous Green Yogurt.  I won a contest on her blog several weeks back, and then totally forgot about it, then yesterday in the mail received a totally sweet prize pack full of really high quality things I actually want to use.  Vastly exceeded my expectations.  Green rocks.