A few days ago, I was getting things ready for dinner. I was making soup. With leeks.

looks innocent enough


Lovely, aren’t they? (Actually, they’re HUGE, compared to the leeks I’m used to. I worried about buying them, because they were so freakishly huge and they were on super-sale, and Whole Foods never puts stuff on sale. But I wanted soup, so I bought them.)

“What’s that?” asked John.

“A leek, doofus,” I said.

“No, I know it’s a leek,” he said witheringly. “What’s THAT.”
but wait!  what is this?

(leek interloper)

Oh that? That is a CATERPILLAR. Living IN OUR DINNER.

ah.  a caterpillar.  obviously

(surprisingly robust insect. note: not small.)

I should point out that it had been close to a week since I bought these freakishly large leeks by the time I got around to using them. Meaning our many-footed friend had survived in our refrigerator for many chilly days and nights.

Apparently,he survived by eating leeks. And some of the plastic bag. Resourceful little bugger.

and he's been busy!

(leaf damage)

I made John take him outside. If he lived that long in our fridge, I figured he deserved better than to be smooshed and thrown in our trashcan. Then I trimmed off the nibbled part of the leek and made soup.