1. Running into a kid who you went to school with from kindergarten through high school, and have not thought of since, on the train on the way home from work.  Five minutes to catch up? Perfect.  An hour-long, excruciatingly slow, crammed like sardines into a subway car commute? TOO LONG.  Especially when he makes fun of the way you stand on a crowded train (apparently I have a weird stance?  Wherein I curl my toes a little for balance?  Thanks for pointing that out, random dude from my past!)

2. Running into a girl you went to college with, who was in a play with you, but whose last name you have forgotten, and having a rather long conversation on the stoop outside the bar that has closed for the night while she rattles off some rather specific details about your life, including the fact that she knows you got married, and to whom, and what you’re doing for a living these days, and where, and all the time you’re thinking “crap crap crap what is her last name crap crap crap.”  I thought of it two days later.  Of course.

3. Running into your boss as she is on her way back from the restroom and realizing that not just her bra strap but a rather sizable portion of her actual bra is peeking out of her scoop neck top and being paralyzed as you wonder (a) how do you tell your boss you can see an alarmingly large portion of her undergarments and (b) what in the hell was she doing in the bathroom, anyway?  How did this happen?