So I passed the bar. Whee!

I actually found out on Monday, sort of.  But that was just an online list of the seat numbers of people who passed, so it didn’t quite feel real yet.

Then, on Wednesday, I got the letter in the mail saying I had passed.  Except the letter also said that I had not passed the character and fitness evaluation yet, so I was not yet cleared for admission and maybe I should call this number to sort that out?  So it didn’t quite feel real yet.

Finally, yesterday, a letter came in the mail informing me that I had cleared character and fitness and I had now officially satisfied all requirements for admission to the bar.

And yet somehow, it doesn’t quite feel real.  Maybe because my boss, when I said “hey! I’m a lawyer now!” said to me “you graduated law school and passed the bar, but that doesn’t make you a lawyer.  You’re not a lawyer.  Talk to me in ten years.  Maybe then you’ll have the experience to be called a lawyer.”

I say eff that.  From now on, I respectfully request that you address all correspondence to Pseudostoops, Esq.