My new job starts Monday.  What am I doing with my last four days of freedom, you ask?

Um, to be honest? Not much.  It’s kind of embarrassing.

Yesterday the doctor gouged a hunk out of my ear, leaving me with a rather large gauze dressing on the side of my head and enough pain that I’m wondering how I didn’t even get a codeine prescription out of this. This gauze + pain has left me lolling about the apartment in my pjs for most of today, unable to decide on what to do.

Go see “The Nanny Diaries?” Eh, I didn’t enjoy the book that much.

Shop for new work clothes? Don’t get ahead of yourself, pseudo, your public interest job (a) doesn’t earn you that much clothes-spending cash and (b) doesn’t require fancy new work clothes anyway.

Watch episodes of Law and Order? I am only sort of embarrassed to admit that I have seen pretty much every episode from a dark period during my second year of teaching when pretty much all I could bring myself to do after school was lie on the couch and root for Jack McCoy.

Spend hours and hours dicking around on the internet, discovering products  I feel I must! have! but which I’ll actually never buy, choosing instead to visit their websites repeatedly, gazing at them lovingly, wishing I could just bite the bullet and buy them already?  Check.

Go buy Mederma so that the scars from the last batch of stitches hopefully fade a little?  That sounds like a plan.  I can definitely fill the rest of the day with that.  Maybe as a treat I’ll get myself a Jamba Juice.

Ugh, I am so bored.  I do not deserve time off if I am this bad at enjoying it.