Things I have seen during my recent, shameful, fascination with the t.v. show “Bridezillas” because there is nothing else on:

1. In the subtitles written on the screen to show the other end of a phone call between a bride and her groom,  the letters “No’wmsain?” to represent the quickly-said “you know what I’m saying?”  Is this spelling of this particular slang term standardized among subtitlers, I wonder, or did the Bridezillas subtitler invent that one all on his own?

2. A bride saying, matter-of-factly and without a hint of shame: “when we narrowed down the guest list, we invited people who make money, because at $50 a head we aren’t looking for any cheap wedding gifts.”  Too bad for any unemployed cousins and teacher friends, I guess.

3. A bridesmaid bringing in the mail, shrieking, and dangling an envelope containing the Bride’s Bar Exam results in front of her ON HER WEDDING DAY, saying “do you want to see them?”  A word to all bridesmaids: on the off chance the bride’s Bar results arrive on the day of her wedding, HIDE THEM. Who the HELL wants to open their Bar results an hour before they get married?  (This advice also applies to GMAT results, biopsy results, and DNA test results.)

This show.  It’s so bad it’s hard to turn it off.