Last week, the lovely Samantha was interviewed by her cousin, and she put out the word that she’d be willing to similarly interview any interested parties. I took her up on it.



1). You’ve mentioned that you used to be a teacher. Now you’re going
to be a lawyer. Are you able to take any skills you used teaching and
bring them into your new profession? Like, I don’t know, detentions?

It would be so awesome if I could put annoying coworkers (or annoying clients!) in detention. Sigh. Since I can’t, I’ve assembled an alternate list of teacher skills that are useful in lawyering:

  • An ability to shrug and laugh at the absurd inefficiency of government systems.
  • The “Teacher Look”.
  • A thorough understanding of the separation of powers and the system of checks and balances. (Thank you, 5th grade civics!)
  • How to inform someone that you know they’re lying, and that you will not tolerate it, without making them hate you for calling them out.
  • How to be humbled and honored when someone trusts you enough to share some of the most difficult and personal parts of their life with you, and how to repay that trust with compassion and respect.

2). You’ve mentioned that you like to play trivia games. What is the
craziest tidbit of information that you know that you’re proud of? And
has it helped you win a game or do you just bust it out at dinner
I LOVE trivia, but I am having a heck of a time selecting one crazy piece of trivia that I am most proud of knowing. I do, however, have a favorite trivia-esque party trick: I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order without taking a breath. It is rather impressive, if I do say so myself.


Ooh! I thought of one! Did you know that the national currency of Ecuador is now the U.S. Dollar? And that most U.S. Sacagawea dollar coins are in active circulation in Ecuador instead of in the U.S., because Americans have a weird aversion to dollar coins? That has come up in two different trivia contests recently. That’s a good one.

3). Did you ever return your grandma’s figurine and get store credit?
If so, what did you buy? If not, WHY??
I did. Don’t tell.

I got these shoes:

new shoes


And this body scrub:

for exfoliating

And this lipstick:

shiny and overpriced!

And this eye cream:

supposedly brightens?

And even had some left over to save for future purchases! Who knew Little Violet could yield so much?

4). If you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why?
Ugh. I would really hate being famous, I think. I generally am very bad at being the center of attention, to the point where even birthdays and graduations make me squirm. (Though I love being in the middle of a conversation. Go figure.) For that reason, if I had to be a celebrity, I think I’d choose someone who was famous and really well respected in their field, but relatively unrecognizable outside it. Like a really great author, who occasionally gets recognized on the street by admirers of their work, but who can generally shop at the grocery store pretty much unbothered. Other “celebrities” that fit into this category: inventors, classical musicians, really brilliant academics, and Supreme Court Justices. Since I’m all into lawyer stuff, I’d choose Supreme Court Justice. Those guys never get recognized. Well, except when they’re in D.C., because D.C. is filled with wonky types who take perverse pride in knowing the names of and recognizing various Congressional aides, to say nothing of Supreme Court Justices. So I guess I’d like to be a Supreme Court justice, except one who lives in Chicago, so as not to get recognized.

(This is awesome! How else can I bend the rules of job qualification and geography to create my perfect famous person identity?)

If I had to be an actual celebrity? Like one who works in “The Industry,” or is famous enough to be featured on the cover of People Magazine? I’d be Kate Winslet, because she is awesome.

5). You just moved. Are you more likely to unpack and decorate or
leave everything in boxes for a while? Also, was there any sentimental
attachment to your old place? Why or why not?

I am a fast unpacker- I hate digging through boxes to find a particular shirt or shoe or what-have-you – but I am a real dawdler on the decorating. In fact, I believe that the walls of our new place would still be totally bare were it not for John. Once you’ve unpacked the clothes, and the bath stuff, and the glassware, and the books, you’re just so tired. Who wants to hang pictures after all that?

And I don’t miss our old place a bit. It was chosen in a hurry, since I moved back to Chicago and had to start law school almost immediately, and while its location was good for school, and it had a nice view, there were many things I did not love. I did not love the odd half-walls that didn’t go all the way to the ceiling and that made having a roommate for that first year nearly intolerable. I did not love the total isolation from any place you might want to shop, eat, or catch a train. I really did not love the ridiculous property management company that seemed to delight in distributing absurdly annoying daily memos.

I think that when we eventually leave this place, we’ll feel a lot more sentimental- this is the first place we’ve bought together, where we bought our first bedroom furniture, the first time we’ve made the effort to paint rooms in our favorite colors- it’s going to put a lump in my throat when it comes time to move on.



Thanks for the great questions, Sam! I am bad at tagging people (it’s like when I throw a party and fear no one will show up- I’m afraid I’ll tag people and then no one will reply!) if you’d like to be interviewed by me, leave a note in the comments or shoot me an email and I’ll come up with some really juicy questions for you.