1. Picking up dry cleaning:  When you pick up 6 weeks worth of dry cleaning on the windiest, hottest day of the year, you will be left with an unpleasant choice:  hold it aloft, effectively creating a sail made of dress shirts that catches the wind and buffets you about, or drape it over your forearm, causing the plastic film to chemically merge with your arm in a gross slime of plastic, sweat, and skin.

2.  Police intrigue: Plainclothes police officers are easy to spot as they pace up and down the el platform looking for a suspect, despite their efforts to appear nonchalant.  It is so hot they are wearing their bulletproof vests over undershirts, with no shirts on top to hide them them.  Subtle.

3. Overheard conversations:  “Is it hot today?  I can never tell these days if it’s actually hot, or just the menopause.”