Today, at 2, I have my Last Law School Final Ever. Today, at 9, I started studying in earnest for said final. Apparently, I’ve decided to abandon the whole “being prepared” angle I’ve been working for the past three years and am giving the “use someone else’s outline and pray it’s enough” strategy a whirl. Whee!

Bar/Bri, (for non-lawyers, that’s the excruciating Bar Exam version of SAT prep class) started yesterday, and while it was probably good for me to hear the little man on the video sternly warn us that if we didn’t follow the “Paced Program” to the letter we would FAIL and we will be MISERABLE and we will NEVER GET TO BE A LAWYER, it all felt a little over the top. Going there every day for three and a half hours for the next two months is going to be awesome, I can just tell.

The ending of law school is weird. I’m ready- god knows I’m ready for this to all be over- but it’s ending with such a fizzle that I feel confused. We had the end of classes, and now there’s the end of finals, and already my classmates have started moving away, rushing to get to their new homes in New York and California and Texas so they can take Bar/Bri there in preparation for their own bar exams. No big celebratory goodbye. No tearful last embrace with a promise to “keep in touch.” No drunken hookups of long-denied law school crushes. (That was a big thing at my high school graduation party. Had a crush on a guy for years who is totally out of your league? Don’t worry! At graduation, he’ll be drunk, and he will want to make out with you!)

It’s all so anticlimactic. Is this it? Are we done?