Imagine yourself getting ready for a Saturday night black tie affair, dressing in a hurry, strapping shoes on and running out the door already a half hour late, getting to the event, and making it half way through your first glass of wine at cocktail hour before you realize you forgot to put on deodorant in your hurry out the door.

What do you do? You excuse yourself, head for the bathroom, and sniff your armpits to see how bad it is. The stress of realizing your gaffe is definitely not helping the situation. You ask your sister if she has, perhaps, brought any perfume in her purse. She hasn’t. You start to imagine an uncomfortable evening spent with arms clamped awkwardly at your sides, wondering if anyone will suspect that the nicely dressed twenty-something girl is the source of that funky smell.

Then you look down at the table and see someone’s abandoned gin and tonic glass, empty except for the lime wedge. Inspiration! You rush to the bar. “Two lemon wedges, please,” you ask, ignoring the puzzled look from the bartender. Back to the bathroom, where you surreptitiously swab your underarms with fresh lemons, pat dry, and rejoin the party, smelling pleasantly of citrus.

Just call me Ms. MacGyver.