It’s been quite a week over here.  For one thing, we managed to move without being driven to divorce, which I view as an accomplishment.  We got all our stuff into the new place, and as soon as we buy 3 new bookshelves and a dresser, we’ll actually be able to unpack.  Turns out our old place had a lot of built-in storage (shelves, drawers, etc) and our new place doesn’t.  Who knew? 

But forget moving.  I want to talk about celebrities.  Actually, one celebrity in particular.

I don’t want to brag, you guys, but John Stamos totally checked me out on Saturday. 

It’s true.  He did.  John and I were having dinner at a restaurant with my parents, when about halfway through our meal, the table behind us got up to leave.  “That guy looks familiar,” I thought.  “Do I know him from somewhere?”  I was thinking this when he looked back at me and sort of lifted his chin in greeting.  “Shoot, I must know him!” I thought.  Where do I know him from?

Then it hit me: that’s Uncle Jesse. 

That’s right: Uncle Jesse give me the head nod.  Try to contain your jealousy.