Subtitle: Because narrative entries are for people who have gotten enough sleep

Days: 3

Nights: 4

Length of RV rented, in feet: 30

States visited: 5

Distance traveled, in miles: 1736

Amount by which we exceeded our travel allotment, in miles: 236

Disagreements won with RV lady about cost of extra miles: 1

Capacity of gas tank, in gallons: 40

Fill ups: 6

Length of drive, in hours (each way): 14

Departure time for drive down (p.m.): 7

Arrival time (a.m.): 9

Number of Starbucks Double Shots consumed by driver who took the 2am-7am shift: 3

Pieces of candy consumed per RV passenger (approx): 54

Beers consumed per RV passenger (approx): 54

Softball games played: 13

Softball games won: 1

Softball games forfeited due to drunkenness, hangover, or inability to read a map: 2

Pedialyte bottles purchased to combat some sort of intestinal pestilence that may or may not have been related to all the beer and DoubleShots, and also the candy and the hot wings: 3

Average sleep per night, in hours: 4

Average reading accomplished per day, in pages: 0

States visited that I had heretofore never seen: 1

Trip: successful.