Law school spring break used to be two weeks. Two weeks felt like the right amount- it gave you a couple days to decompress from exams, do all those errands you’ve been putting off, then blow town for a week, sunning yourself somewhere, forgetting everything you ever learned about torts and strict scrutiny and reasonable suspicion, with a couple days on the back end to get over your sunburn.

Then this year, spring break was shortened to one week, and I am annoyed. (Those of you who work at real jobs are doubtless thinking “bitch is complaining about getting a week off? Please.” To which I say: you have a point, but kindly shut up. I was used to those two weeks.)

So after only one week off, which was just enough time to go quickly to California for the weekend only to be screwed by American Airlines and the Orange County Airport- good times!- I am back at school. This last chunk of law school seems, for me, to be defined mostly by malaise. Some of my classmates are starting to feel nostalgic, wanting to spend a lot of time with friends who are going to be leaving soon to jobs in New York, D.C., L.A. I feel no such nostalgia, and instead want to take classes that demand as little work as humanly possible, then get out of law school as fast as I can. I have yet to (a) purchase any books, (b) do any assignments or (c) actually pick at least one more class to ensure that I have enough units to graduate.

To celebrate this newly-discovered slackerness, this afternoon I will be driving to Naperville, picking up a 30-foot RV, driving it back to school, picking up 6 friends, and driving through the night to Virginia to attend a weekend softball tournament. I plan to play a lot of flip cup, and to drive through West Virginia, thus completing my quest to visit all 50 states before I’m 30. We will then drive all through the night on Sunday to get home in time for Monday class, which I plan to be too tired to attend. It is shaping up to be an excellent trip.