I have sort of a “penny wise pound foolish” problem here at Casa de Pseudo from time to time, such that I might say “oh my god the nice soft toilet paper costs like thirty cents more than the stuff that feels like wiping your ass with recycled newsprint, we are definitely not getting it” on the same day that I say “eight dollars seems a totally reasonable amount to pay for the to-die-for mushroom salad at Southport Grocery.” I recognize that this is a problem, and thus I do a lot of buyers remorse-ing, particularly of major purchases. In particular, I am famous (notorious?) for buying beautiful shoes that I love love love and then deciding they were too too too expensive and returning them a day later. John thinks this is one of my most charming traits.

So because I don’t trust myself at all in this arena, I ask you, internet: how much is too much to pay for a pair of boots that are beautiful, well-made, knee-high, flat soled (good for walking!) and did I mention beautiful?

If it would help you make a decision, you should know that I am considering purchasing them as a little “holy crap I finally made it through exams and it is now spring break wheeeeeeee” present for myself after having very responsibly decided not to take a spring break trip to Mexico with my friends.

So? How much?

note: the boots pictured above are NOT the boots in question. But wouldn’t it be awesome if they were?