There’s a woman in one of my classes who has the weirdest class attendance habits. Usually people either (a) go to class or (b) don’t go to class. Law students vary as to what level of (b) they are comfortable with, but by the time you’re a 3L you’re pretty much recovered from the panic of 1L and the thought of missing a class every now and again is not really a big deal. People do (b) a lot.
But there is a girl in one of my classes who has invented an option (c). Option (c) appears to be “come to class, set up your laptop and book, sit for the first two minutes, then have a fake sneezing fit, leave the classroom, and return about 2 minutes before the end of the class period.”

Which, fine, you can do maybe, what, once? But she has done it for two solid weeks of classes. Who does she think she’s fooling, exactly? And more importantly, why bother?