So, time for the big “reveal”- where I tell you which one of last week’s strange food facts is actually a lie.

1. I can’t eat peaches unless they’ve been peeled, and can’t eat green beans unless they’ve been well-cooked. It’s the fuzz. It gives me the shivers.
This is true. In fact, even thinking about eating a peach or a raw green bean gives me the shivers. I have goose bumps right now. Moving on.

2. I have never been able to drink tequila shots since an ill-fated birthday party in college involving body shots, a mini-skirt, and a party called “Exotic Erotic.” In fact, just typing about it makes my head spin a little. Margaritas are still okay, though, thank goodness.
Falsity false false. I can shoot tequilla like a champ. If you can consider someone who gets drunk after 1.5 beers a champ at any kind of drinking activity. Which I can.

3. For snacks I sometimes stick a few mini marshmellows and a handful of Rice Krispies in a bowl and nuke it for a few seconds. Voila- instant Rice Krispie Treat. I have also been known to do this with mini-marshmellows, chocolate, and graham crackers for instant s’mores. [hangs head in shame.]
This trick will make you famous with any child you happen to babysit. I’m just saying.

4. I refuse to eat fennel, anise, or anything else that tastes of licorice. Ick ick ick.
This is a great way to screen out recipes from your cooking magazines, because those stupid Gourmet people seem sort of obsessed with fennel.

5. If I had to rank my preference for cheeses based on the animal source of the milk, it would go in this order: sheep, goat, cow. Mmm. Sheep.
All you sheep haters out there who assumed this one was the lie? You have no idea what you are missing.