Inspired by the lovely Blonde Justice, I present to you the online version of that classic theater game: Truth or Lie?

Below I’ve listed five things about me. One is false. Guess which one isn’t real in the comments. If you do the same on your blog, I’ll come over and guess on yours, too. Because I’m weird, I’ve given them all a theme: food and drink. Yum.

1. I can’t eat peaches unless they’ve been peeled, and can’t eat green beans unless they’ve been well-cooked. It’s the fuzz. It gives me the shivers.

2. I have never been able to drink tequila shots since an ill-fated birthday party in college involving body shots, a mini-skirt, and a party called “Exotic Erotic.” In fact, just typing about it makes my head spin a little. Margaritas are still okay, though, thank goodness.

3. For snacks I sometimes stick a few mini marshmellows and a handful of Rice Krispies in a bowl and nuke it for a few seconds. Voila- instant Rice Krispie Treat. I have also been known to do this with mini-marshmellows, chocolate, and graham crackers for instant s’mores. [hangs head in shame.]

4. I refuse to eat fennel, anise, or anything else that tastes of licorice. Ick ick ick.

5. If I had to rank my preference for cheeses based on the animal source of the milk, it would go in this order: sheep, goat, cow. Mmm. Sheep.